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Grape Seeds

I love grapeseed oil for two main reasons:

The first is that it's an amazing, versatile oil for skincare. It's lightweight but emollient, easy to spread, and is easily absorbed. It softens and conditions skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts. It benefits all skin types, and is a good introductory oil for anyone new to oil cleansing or oil as a moisturizer. 

The second reason is that it's pressed from the seeds left over from wine making. Instead of throwing away the seeds after the fruit is used, the seeds are washed and sent off to an oil producer. In the reduce/reuse/recycle circle, it is the ultimate oil, and I love that. Nothing is wasted.

Because grape seeds are so small, with just a tiny amount of oil in each seed, most commercial grapeseed oil is extracted with the help of heat or a chemical solvent, usually hexane, for maximum yield. It is then deodorized to remove its characteristic wine-like aroma. While not harmful (only trace amounts of the solvent remain in the oil), the oil is highly processed, and nearly colorless and odorless. It loses some of its "life", but is still a good oil for skincare. 

Last year, right around this time, we changed our grapeseed oil from a more processed oil to one that was organically grown and filtered, but unrefined. To go from a semi-clear, semi-odorless oil to a deep green oil with a natural wine-like aroma was a big step, but we, and our customers, were happy to move to an organic oil. 

Our new oil comes from several locations around the globe. Sourcing from different
Grapeseed Oilslocations allows for a year-round supply. As one location ends their growing season, another begins theirs. Because of differences such as in climate, altitude, and soil, the same oil from different parts of the globe can differ greatly. Sometimes even oil from the same area, and even the same farm, can differ depending on changing weather. Both of the grapeseed oils in the photo to the right are organically grown and unrefined. One is from Chile, and the other is from Spain. 

Standardizing the growing process with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, along with heat processing and deodorizing, helps create a standardized end product. The differences from batch to batch, and location to location, are unnoticable. But, an organic, unrefined oil like the grapeseed oil that we use, has not gone through any standardization. Because of the differences in batches of oil, there may also be differences from batch to batch of our cleansing oil, or any other product we make with grapeseed oil. 

If you've ever wondered why your cleansing oil has looked or smelled different each time you buy it, this is the reason (don't worry, these differences do not change the effectiveness of the product). We hope you and your skin love the organic oil.


PS. Is anyone a wine connoisseur? If you are an expert in the differences from region to region in the same type of wine, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below

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