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Over the last couple of months, I've been joining new groups and meeting a lot of new people, especially other women in business. When asked what I do for work, I usually end up stumbling over my words a bit, unable to decide between a few different ways to answer.

I make lip balm is a good, basic answer but not the whole story.

I'm a herbalist* and aromatherapist and I make products is a better description of what I do, but it feels like I'm selling my brand short. 

I own a small natural skincare and aromatherapy company is my favorite straightforward answer, but it's often met with questions like these:

"Like day creams and night creams?"

"Do you make under eye serums?"

"Do you have something for these wrinkles, haha?"

Again, I'm left stumbling over how to answer.

No, I don't make serums or wrinkle creams or any anti-aging products is the short answer, but the longer answer usually goes unsaid. 

Part of the reason I don't make them is that I believe natural and simple ingredients are a better choice for skin health. Wunder Budder is all about harnessing the power of plants and finding ways to transfer their properties into something easy for anyone to use. Farm-to-skin style (although technically there are a few stops along the way). A lot of products marketed as "natural" do contain naturally derived extracts, but that's not the same as a whole natural ingredient or even direct extracts of whole natural ingredients (as in the case of essential oils). 

I love the way botanical oils make my skin look and feel. Oils don't moisturize, they emolliate skin, and they act as a balm to soothe and protect. Creams and serums contain a lot of water (which needs a preservative) and alcohols. Although these can serve as carriers for important ingredients, water and alcohol dissipate leaving skin hungry for more. Oils nourish skin and help it look supple.

Some companies that make water-based products are genuinely trying to help people look and feel better, but most of the marketing we see for the skincare, especially big companies advertising the newest trendy ingredient, are not selling us something better, they're just selling us hype. They are feeding off our insecurities as women to sell us things we don't need.

Of course men have insecurities too, but it's only women who ask if I make products to stop their aging. It's women who are constantly being told and shown that being younger is better. A man becomes distinguished as he ages, but women become less visible. Because of this, we are told we should not age gracefully. We are told to fight aging.

Never ask a woman her age.

Why not?

(that's really a rhetorical question)

We are lucky to age. It's a privilege to age. We should want to age, because that means we get to be alive. But that is not how our society treats us.

We live in a world that prioritizes beauty. We are judged and we judge others on appearances, even when we don't mean to. Because of this, we want to look our best, but why should that be younger than we are? Why can't that be looking our best as the ages we are when we turn 30, 40, 50, 75? 

Next time you look in the mirror, appreciate your face for exactly what it looks like right now, whatever age you are. Take a moment to give thanks to the face that looks back at you. You are the youngest you will ever be. 


 (*I wrote "a herbalist" instead of "an herbalist" because I pronounce the hard "h")

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