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Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: We ship to Australia, Canada, Ireland, and United Kingdom. Our shipping only includes US charges, so you are responsible for any and all local VAT. If you live outside of the US, in a country not listed here, please contact us and let us know you want Wunder Budder! Due to differences in shipping restrictions, we must review each country's policies separately. If our products are not restricted, we'll be happy to add your country to our list.

Please note: items containing alcohol can be shipped to the US only.

Q: I have a common allergy. Can I use Wunder Budder?

A: Although we generally avoid the most common allergens, we do use soy derived lecithin and glycerin in our Original calendula salve, and some tropical oils are pressed from what are botanically tree nuts. Even if your allergen is not included in our products, please be aware that our oils and butters may be processed in the same facility as nuts, soy, or gluten products. We include every one of our ingredients both on our products and on our website. Carefully read these before purchasing or using our products.

Q: I love sandalwood. Why don't you offer anything in my favorite scent?

A: We love sandalwood too, as do many people across the globe. We all loved it so much, we are slowly loving it to death. It takes many years for a sandalwood tree to reach maturity, and it is now endangered. We love it too much to take part in its possible extinction, so we don't include it in any products. We urge you to reduce your use of products that contain sandalwood, and the same goes for rosewood, another of our favorites! For more information, please see this article from Cropwatch.org

Q: Why don't you offer any fruity scented lip balms or creams?

A: At Wunder Budder we use all natural ingredients and house-blend our fragrances and flavors from essential oils, CO2 extracts, and absolutes. While there are many companies that use natural and organic "flavor oils", there is something about that term that just doesn't sit right with us. We'd like to know what exactly these oils are made from, and we're guessing you would too. Because there are very few essential oils pressed from fruit other than citrus peel oils, we stick to other aspects of plants to create our scents.

Q: Did Wunder Budder start in 2002 or 2010? I don't get it.

A: The answer is both. We know that sounds confusing, but here is the short story: Wunder Budder first launched in late 2002, but from 2002-2010 it was more of a hobby that we paid taxes on. It was only made seasonally and was only sold word-of-mouth. In Jan. 2010, it was relaunched as a full-time business, made year-round and available to all with a merchant website and a studio space. This second launch is the birthday we celebrate at Wunder Budder. It's our Velveteen Rabbit.

Q: Are your products certified organic?

A: Our products contain a combination of organic, naturally grown, wild, and conventional ingredients. Although we continue to search for ingredients that are certified organic, we like to keep the option open to choose the highest quality ingredient.


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