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Facial Care Changes

Grapeseed OilAs you may know, facial care has gone through some changes over the last couple of months. Here is an overview of what is going on:

Lavender Woods

Earlier this year we made the move from conventional grapeseed oil to organic. We were excited to make the change, but the increase in quality of oil gave us a new challenge. The higher quality (and less processed) the oil, the stronger it smells! Our new grapeseed oil has a strong pleasant aroma, hard to describe, with earthy, nutty, and even fruity notes. 

The natural grapeseed scent in our cleansing oil fades fast, and leaves no lasting aroma, but the grapeseed overpowered the blend of essential oils we use in our facial oil. In order to compensate for the organic grapeseed oil aroma, we had to adjust the essential oil blend, removing the cypress, and increasing the lavender and cedar. This left Lavender Woods with a deeper, more woody aroma. The new blend then changed the aroma of our Lavender Woods facial toner! After more testing of aromas and formulas, we settled on a final blend for the entire line that we hope you will enjoy.

Patchouli Rose

We had no major changes to the base Patchouli Rose oils, but did decide to make changes to the essential oil blend. Neroli, like rose, is a precious oil. It is one of the more expensive natural essential oils, as well as one with an extremely short shelf life. In order to cap the price rises of the whole Patchouli Rose line, we decided to remove neroli altogether. It was used in such a small amount, the removal will not change the effectiveness of the blend, and it left the aroma more pleasant, with a stronger rose slowly fading into an earthy patchouli. 

Are you an avid user of our facial care? Please let us know what you think of the changes.