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Wunder Budder Natural Skincare + Aromatherapy

We combined our obsession with lip balm + skincare, with a love and respect for natural ingredients, along with 20 years of experience with herbs + essential oils, to make balms, better.


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Wunder Budder products are formulated by herbalist and aromatherapist Lisa Dolloff (that's me!), and are handmade from scratch using ethically sourced local, organic, and/or naturally grown ingredients.

I formulated the Original Wunder Budder salve after moving from Ireland to New Mexico to study herbalism. The change in climate left my skin so dry that nothing helped. Lotions didn't work at all, and traditional herbal salves were too hard to spread over my skin. So, I made up my own super soft salve that worked like a salve, but was soft and easy to spread. It was a hand/lip/body butter that worked wonders.

When I moved back home to Massachusetts in 2002, I started a business around it. I only made Wunder Budder seasonally and sold it word of mouth until 2010 - the year I consider Wunder Budder officially established - when I moved it from the kitchen in my tiny apartment into a production studio + built a website.

As I expanded my line, I pulled on my lifelong obsession with lip balm. My goal was to create fun flavored lip balm like I loved growing up, but to make them out of completely natural ingredients. Each lip balm is scented with only essential oils and natural extracts in blends that I created. No flavor oils or any other mystery ingredients.

I say "we" often, but for the most part, Wunder Budder is a one-woman business and I've created every single part of it, from formulating and making products, to designing the labels, to building this website. I've done it all without outside funding, so it's been a slow process and I've worked on it almost every single day for the last 11 years. I love it, all of it.

And I hope you love it, too. 

Xo, Lisa (she/her)

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Founder: Lisa Dolloff




Snail Mail: PO Box 255, Exeter, NH 03833