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Lisa's Story

This isn’t my whole story, this is just the story of Wunder Budder.

Since 2014, I have made Wunder Budder in a studio inside my home in Exeter, NH. I spend half of the week in my shop (Alchemy & Herbs), but I still work from home three days a week, where my commute is 10 seconds long and I take breaks with my two dogs. I absolutely love working with plants and oils, and I love to make products that help people. Every part of my work is fun. I say that love goes into all my products, and that’s true. I’m completely in love with what I make and do.

Before I had a house, I made Wunder Budder in a studio I rented in Salem, MA starting in early 2010. Moving into this studio is why I call Wunder Budder’s official birth 01/01/10. This was the year that I built my first website and started selling online. I turned Wunder Budder into a real business.

Before I had a studio (or a website), I was making Wunder Budder only seasonally and selling it word of mouth. I mostly worked out of a closet in a small apartment I shared with my husband. Not a walk-in closet, just a regular closet. I sat on a plastic bin full of supplies, in front of a multi-duty bookcase. I worked out of this closet for several years.

Before I had a closet, I had an idea to start a business based around a product I created, now called Original Wunder Budder - a multi-purpose "wonder butter". It was 2002, and I was staying at my mother’s house in MA after a cross-country move from NM. I registered my business name, and bought my web address for future use.

Before I had a business idea, I had really dry skin, and love for calendula. I was studying herbalism in NM in 2000, and couldn’t find calendula oil anywhere. A local herbalist told me to make my own and blend it with beeswax, so that’s what I did. I loved experimenting with formulas and eventually came up with my own favorite formula. 

Before I had a love for calendula, it was 1998, and I was working in a factory in Ireland. My hands were always covered in tiny cuts. I walked into a health food store and was shown calendula oil. I had never heard of it, but figured I’d give it a try. My hands felt so much better, and my love for calendula was born.



Lisa Dolloff, founder & owner of Wunder Budder