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Social Responsibility

Love is always the answer.

We support love and equality for all colors, races, religions, orientations, and genders. 

Our philanthropic focus is on lifting people up through dark times, when it's easiest to fall through the cracks. Charities supporting mental health awareness are especially important to us, as well as local mutual aid groups. We strongly feel we need to support each other through dark times in order to create a brighter world. 

We are small, but our ability to support others grows as our business grows. 

Current Contributions:

  • An average of 200 lip balms donated annually local mutual aids and/or charities
  • An additional donation program where you can buy a lip balm or salve for us to donate, and we'll match the donation
  • Item donations to raffles for fundraising events*

To help us donate more lip balm to people in need, please see our Lip Balm Donation page.  

*We have a set budget each year for item donations, and donate on a first come, first serve basis. To request items, your organization must be local to Exeter, NH or have the same philanthropic focus as we do. If your organization and event meets these requirements, please contact us.