The Green Page

Environmental Commitment
When we started our business in 2002, one of our requirements was to keep our impact on the environment minimal. Back then, there weren't many eco-friendly choices for packaging, or anything else for that matter. We started by choosing glass bottles and aluminum tins instead of the standard plastic bottles and jars commonly used in the beauty industry. As we grew, and more opportunities for change became available, we were able to replace conventional practices one by one, such as switching to 100% recycled materials for shipping, and sourcing lip balm tubes made from 100% recycled plastic.

Today, we are still just as committed to the environment as we were in the beginning, and continue to look for ways to grow and improve. The earth is the only home we have, and we all need to pitch in and take care of it.


 Things We Use Made From 100% Recycled Materials:

  • Lip Balm Tubes (plastic)
  • Shipping Boxes & Mailers (paper)
  • Packing Material (paper)
  • Brown Handle Bags (paper)
  • Black Logo Carry Bags (plastic)
  • Tissue Paper, All Colors (paper)
  • Signature Green Ribbon (plastic)
  • Office Paper (paper)
  • Envelopes (paper)
  • Notebooks (paper)
  • Scissors (handles - plastic)
  • Business cards (paper)
  • Paper Towels (paper)


Eco-Responsible Choices We Make:

  • All plastic (bubblewrap & airpacks) packing material is reclaimed & reused
  • We compost paper towels and all organic waste
  • We choose glass, aluminum, and paper over plastic packaging, when available
  • We use Non-toxic cleaning supplies
  • Our in-house documents are printed in Century Gothic font