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The Green Page

Environmental Commitment

We run our business, and our lives, using the rule of 1000. When we do anything, it could be easy to brush it off as having no impact because it's just one person. When we think, "what if 1000 people did this?" it's easier to see if something we do has a negative or positive effect on other people or the world. 

We always to do to the thing that would have a positive effect, or at least negative effect. We can't be perfect. None of us can. But we can put in the effort to live with intention. 

When we started our business in 2002, one of our requirements was to keep our impact on the environment minimal. 

Back then, there weren't many eco-friendly choices for packaging, or anything else for that matter. We started by choosing glass bottles and aluminum tins instead of the industry standard plastic bottles and jars. As we grew, and more opportunities for change became available, we were able to replace some conventional practices, such as switching to recycled materials for shipping, and sourcing lip balm tubes made from 100% recycled plastic.

We continue to look for ways to grow and improve. The earth is the only home we have, and we all need to pitch in and take care of it. Small changes can add up to a big difference.


 Things We Use Made From 100% Recycled Materials:

  • Lip Balm Tubes (plastic)
  • Shipping Mailers (paper)
  • Packing Material (paper)
  • Brown Handle Bags (paper)
  • Tissue Paper, All Colors (paper)
  • Office Paper (paper)
  • Scissors (handles - plastic)
  • Paper Towels (paper)


    Eco-Responsible Choices We Make:

    • We reuse all items that can be reused
    • We recycle anything that can't be reused or composted
    • We choose glass, aluminum, and paper over plastic packaging, when available
    • We use Non-toxic cleaning supplies
    • Our minimal in-house documents are printed in Century Gothic font


    Recent Changes We Implemented:

    • 2023 - we compost all paper towels and organic waste, and cut our landfill waste in half
    • 2023 - we created a used Wunder Budder lip balm and aromatherapy tube reclamation program to recycle tubes through Terracycle 


    Future Changes We're Working Towards:

    • 2025 - purchasing only green energy from our energy supplier