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Christmalloween and the Dilemma of Selling.

ChristmalloweenIt's Nov. 2nd. 

Just two days after Halloween. It's still the season; the second day of Day of the Dead is today. At my house, we still have "candles" (battery operated) lit in the small pumpkins hanging from a tree in our front yard. Metal jack-o-lanterns are still lighting our walkway. The ceramic jack-o-lantern I've had since I was a child, the kind with a light bulb inside, is still lighting my front window. 

There are more than three whole weeks until Thanksgiving. 35 days until Hanukkah. 49 days until winter solstice. 52 entire days until Christmas. 

But, I've fallen behind. Because I'm only just starting to plan my Wunder Budder holiday offerings. 

To me, November 2nd is way too early to be planning, but for retailers across the country, this type of planning is usually already done by now, having begun in the summer. Although I try to start in August, I usually get distracted by, well, summer things. It's hard to think about Christmas and other winter holidays when it's 95 degrees outside (at least here in the northern hemisphere).

Stores in my area were already covered in Christmas decorations, the day after Halloween (and some before Halloween even happened). This is most likely true for stores in your area, too. 

It's a little out of hand.

For me, there are two things happening here.

One is that I like to live in the moment and do my best to do that. But, living in the moment is tough when planning things far in advance is a required part of the job. 

The other is trying to balance my distaste for the over-commercialization of a holiday season about giving (and pretty much skipping over one about being thankful), with my great love for Wunder Budder and an obligation to sell products in order to stay in business. 

This is something I grapple with each and every year.

I dislike the culture of consumerism, but I need to sell for Wunder Budder to stay alive. Do you see my dilemma?