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Lemons for Health!


Lemon is a fantastic food-medicine, with antiviral and strong antibacterial properties. It is high in vitamin C for immune support, and (unlike the more commonly used orange) helps cut mucus and phlegm. Adding fresh lemon to your diet, especially during this time of year, may help you recover from colds and flu faster (good), and regular use may even help prevent you from getting sick in the first place (best!).

An easy way to consume lemon is to add fresh slices to your drinking water. Alternatively, you can juice a lemon in the morning, refrigerate, and add to your water throughout the day.

If you prefer hot drinks, squeeze a quarter of a lemon into a hot tea or herbal infusion, dropping the lemon wedge into the tea after squeezing to gain benefits from the oils in the peel.

Add lemon to food inside smoothies, onto greens as a healthy salad dressing, even use it in desserts and adult drinks (every little bit counts, right?). Wherever you can add a preventative food-medicine into your diet, it's a good thing.

If a sickness slips through, up the ante and take a whole lemon (juice or fruit) each day for a speedy recovery.

A great natural remedy for fighting sickness is the combination of lemon, ginger, and honey. Thinly slice about an inch of ginger root, and add to a mug of just boiled water. Squeeze a quarter lemon into the mug, drop the wedge, and add a teaspoon of honey. Cover and steep until cool enough to drink.

Lemons for health!

(I'm not a doctor. I can't diagnose or treat you. I'm just a fan of lemons and I make suggestions.)


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