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Tube Takeback!

We've teamed up with Terracycle to take back empty lip balm and aromatherapy tubes to be recycled! Our lip balm tubes start off as recycled, and now we get to close the loop through Terracycle's "recycle the unrecyclable" program. 

Did you know most lip balm tubes aren't recyclable through the average municipal program? Not even the tubes of many of the companies who claim in good faith that their tubes are recyclable. Most lip balm tubes are "wish-cycled" - put into a recycling bin with good intentions, but end up in the landfill after processing. Unless they have a recycle code embedded in the actual plastic, chances are they will not get recycled.

Terracycle uses a combination of machine and manual separation of materials to ensure that everything is correctly separated, sorted, and processed in the best way to create new products from old materials.

Save your empty lip balm and aromatherapy tubes, and send them back to us to collect for Terracycle!