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Wunder Budder Lip Balm Through the Years

I love looking back through all the different looks that Wunder Budder has gone through over the years. 

I’m good at making things. I’ve always enjoyed making things with my hands, whether it’s crocheting, baking, or mudding my kitchen walls at Alchemy & Herbs. I’m not an expert at anything, I just like to make things, and I’m usually pretty good at it because I enjoy it and go all in. 

When I started Wunder Budder in 2002 (8 years before our “official” beginning), I knew I had created an amazing product. I knew I’d be good at making the Wunder Budder, but I had no idea what I was doing when it came to the business side.

Branding? I didn’t know what that was. I just wanted to use bright colors (that part hasn’t changed!)

I’ve designed every label we’ve ever used (another thing I get to create!), and I’ve learned so much over the years, but it took me a while. 

It was many years before I learned the importance of creating a cohesive look for Wunder Budder. The last labels I redesigned were our aromatherapy “inhaIer” sticks - it was only at the very end of 2021! I had been putting them off, but it’s wild to look back and see that it took nearly 20 years to get the entire Wunder Budder look to have the same branding. 

You learn as you grow, right?

This pic here is of some of the looks Wunder Budder lip balm has had over the years! 

Check out our Lip Balm Collection for what it looks like today.