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Why Don't Seasonal Lip Balms Go On Sale?

At the end of each season, limited edition and seasonal themed products everywhere get their prices slashed, sometimes to a fraction of what their original prices were. This is standard practice for retailers, so why don't we do that at Wunder Budder?

Halloween 2013 was the first year we released seasonal lip balms. We didn't know how many would sell, so we took a guess at how many to make. The first batch sold so fast we were afraid we'd sell out early, so we made a second full batch mid-season. That was a rookie choice on our part, and it left us with too many lip balms and not enough time to sell them all. At the end of the season we had one of those price-slashing sales, but a couple weeks later we still had lip balms left and we were ready to move on.

We had so many extra lip balms on our hands that we could no longer sell, what could we do with them all? We can only use so many. Who else could use them? It finally hit us, and we started looking into wish lists at local shelters. The first one we contacted directly was happy to take them off our hands, and we found our solution.

We are now better at estimating how many lip balms to make each season, and we still have the occasional sale to let you all know that we appreciate you, but after that first time, donating extra lip balms at the end of each season has become part of our standard business practices.