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Coming Up Roses!

If you follow me on social media, you probably know that I've become obsessed with roses over the last year. I've always liked the aroma, but something happened this year and I really fell in love! From wild roses to rose extracts, rose tea to rose balm, I can't seem to get enough.

"Roses for the [spiritual] heart", I kept saying.

Early in the year, I knew I wanted to create a new facial care line called Coming Up Roses. For anyone unfamiliar, "coming up roses" is an idiom meaning that things are great, life is great. This isn't something that I say in conversation, so I'm not sure how it came up, but it seemed the obvious choice when I wanted to make a rose-based line. Roses just make things better.

Roses for the heart. 

At the onset of the summer, I made a list of carrier oils I wanted to work with. I already knew I wanted to use argan oil (I know, I didn't think I'd ever use it, but then I found a really nice raw oil and loved it!). I wanted the oil to be rich, but absorb well into skin, including the most delicate skin around the eyes. I tested a few more adventurous carrier oils, but settled on an oil I've wanted to work with for a while: meadowfoam seed. These two oils, argan and meadowfoam, had the richness I was looking for, but absorbed a little too quickly. The blend needed another oil that provided a little slip, or ability to glide across the skin. Jojoba (my favorite!) was a perfect match, so by the end of the summer, I was experimenting with different percents of each oil in the blend.

While I was working on the carrier oil, I was exploring different species of rose essential oils and extracts. I loved every one, but I had a few favorites that I really wanted to work with. One was an organic rose otto (essential oil) from Bulgaria, an area famous for producing rose ottos and extracts, the other a soft, sweet rose extract from Morocco. For an earthy balance (and added antioxidants), I blended the roses with carrot seed oil.

One use and I was hooked. Roses for the heart.

It took some tweaking for the final product, and a month of constant use so I could be sure it was ready for release, but I was in love from the beginning. I love this oil so much, I sometimes add a drop or two to my face midday just so I can smell it. It makes my skin feel good, look good, and it comforts me.

Roses for the heart.