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It's 11pm and I Have Nothing to Write About

Blog ChallengesI've been sitting on my deck for the last three hours, thinking of something to write for today's blog. I've been trying to stick with a theme for each day to help keep me generate ideas. Today's theme is Top Five Friday, so I went back and forth on what to write about. I have a few topics in mind, but some require research, and after a full day of work, then a dinner out with my husband, I was only left with a few hours to write, and a few hours is not enough to write anything requiring research. Time for writing a blog today is running out.

I decided to write a just-for-fun blog and tell you my top five favorite Etsy stores right now, but I couldn't pick just five. I chose a theme (botany) and still couldn't pick five. There are a lot of amazing makers out there. Meanwhile, time is running out.

I'm sitting on my deck in a t-shirt and skirt, in New Hampshire, in November. It's 11:00 at night, and just a few minutes ago I put on a hoodie. The weather is strange for this time of year, but perfect. Earlier today, I put my potted herbs back outside. I thought of writing about how I'd normally be disappointed in the unseasonably warm weather (I'm not a fan of the heat), but with gardening and other outside tasks done for the year, all I can think of is how this weather is perfect for relaxing. Meanwhile time is running out.

My dog keeps jumping up on my lap. My husband tries to distract him, but he's too confused as to why I keep pushing him away. He wants to play with me. He needs to play with me. He's biting my sleeve, right now, as I try to write about him. Meanwhile, time is running out. 

My windchimes are singing as I try to find a photo that describes how I'm feeling. I can smell the leaves as they're blowing around my yard. There's an occasional rustle in the bushes where an unknown creature is searching for food (or whatever else unknown creatures do at night). Someone has a fire going a few blocks over.

It's getting close to midnight, and I'm too distracted by all the sounds and the smells around me to write anything.

Time is running out.