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Lip Care Guide, Part III

Natural lip balm - why use it? If you're already into natural products, you don't need convincing. But, if you're someone who thinks natural lip balm is froofy or a fad, I hope you'll change your mind. Using petroleum on your lips is gross. It just is. Petrochemicals have their place in our world, but their place shouldn't be on your lips. Petroleum does not soothe or heal lips. Petroleum does add a protective layer to your lips, but the benefits end there. It doesn't do anything positive for your skin, it just adds a layer of grease. And, if that grease slips off your lips and onto other areas of your face, it can clog your pores. Why would you want to rub greasy petrochemicals on your lips? Have you ever seen an oil rig? That's where your petroleum lip balm comes from. Did I mention gross? Natural lip balms contain oils and waxes from fresh plants or honeybees. They're cleaner and healthier for us and our environment. Natural lip balms are better for your lips While not all are created equal, natural lip balms contain plant oils. Oils pressed from plants contain anti-oxidants and healing properties to help soothe your lips and keep them soft. Beeswax or vegan plant wax offer protection to both seal in moisture and keep out dry air and other drying agents. Sometimes extras like plant butters are added for super smoothness, or vitamin E for a super anti-oxidant kick. Instead of just coating your lips with grease to hide the problem, natural lip balms are formulated to moisturize dry lips, helping them look and feel soft and smooth, and helping to keep them that way. Click to buy Wunder Budder natural lip balm. Back to Lip Care Guide, Part I - What are dry chapped lips? Back to Lip Care Guide, Part II - How to prevent dry chapped lips. Related Posts: Calendula for Skin - What is Calendula? 5 Most Common Misused Natural Terms. Do You Know What They Mean? Best Carrier Oils for Natural Skincare