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Oil Cleansing Oil - New Formula!

If our Oil Cleansing Oil is your favorite, don't panic!

Recently, we ran out of oil cleansing oil. I was in the Wunder Budder studio, prepping to make a new batch, and I opened a new bottle of cucumber seed oil. This oil was from the same supplier that I've used for a decade or more. A company that is well known and well respected among professional aromatherapists, perfumists, and formulators. A company I trust.

When I opened the bottle, I immediately knew it was different because it was a dark gold rather than the usual light green, and as soon as I smelled it, I knew I could never use it. I contacted the company to make sure there wasn't something wrong with it, and they assured me it was not just good, it was a higher quality oil than they were previously carrying. I trust them, but this oil didn't have the traditional fresh cucumber aroma to me. 

It smelled like goats.

I asked Mike for a second opinion, and he disagreed, but I couldn't get the goat note out of my head. I knew I couldn't make anything with it knowing that if it smelled like goats to me, it may smell like goats to someone else. Goats are cute, but nobody wants to put goat oil on their face.

I had a few choices:

~ Make a batch and leave it out, as a temporary emergency solution
~ Find a new supplier
~ Reformulate the oil without the cucumber seed

My immediate panic choice was to make a new batch and leave it out, but look for a new supplier. After a lot of consideration, I decided to reformulate the cleansing oil without cucumber seed oil.

It's a great oil! It smells so fresh, and it's one of the reasons our cleansing oil smells so good. I don't add any scents, it just has the natural aroma of the ingredients. 

But the other side of using such a specialty oil is that it's not always consistent. Some oils are different from supplier to supplier, but also from region to region of the world, and even from seasonal weather changes. The organic apricot kernel oil we use in almost every product we make smells slightly different every season! But the difference is not so much that anyone would notice in a finished product. 

Instead of searching for a new supplier, having to raise prices, and also risk inconsistency from batch to batch, I chose to reformulate with the current ingredients and created a new blend that is so close to the previous blend, I don't think anyone would notice - except for the aroma. Without the cucumber oil to dominate, the tamanu stands out. It's has a beautiful earthy aroma, and I think you'll like it. 

Years ago, we made a similar decision when we removed grapeseed oil from the cleansing oil. It was far too inconsistent from season to season and each batch of our cleansing oil was different. That formula change drastically altered the aroma, and slightly changed the consistency of the cleansing oil at that time, but still remained 

Many of you trusted us and stuck with us through the last change, and I hope you will again now.