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My Love Affair With Calendula, Part II

I wear contact lenses.  I have glasses as well, but they never quite felt right on my face, so I mostly just stick with my contact lenses.  I also have chronic (life-long) insomnia. If you wear contacts, you may know this already, but if not, I will tell you... insomnia and contact lenses do not mix. Wearing contact lenses for too many hours in a row doesn't allow the eyes to breathe, and wearing contact lenses for too many hours in a row for too many days in a row can lead to serious infection. I know this from experience. Painful experience. Painful experience I did not learn from the first time. In 2000, I moved to a little town in New Mexico to study herbal medicine.  Soon after moving to town, I made an appointment with a local optometrist to get a new pair of lenses. One of my eyes was irritated at the time, but since a year earlier I had a severe eye infection, in comparison it seemed like just an annoyance. My optometrist did not agree.